I am delighted to be working with the renowned photographer and storyteller Chris Weston – together we are building a series of ground breaking immersive workshops and we would like to invite you on a unique photographic journey…

First, though, let me ask you a question: Do you feel you’ve gone as far with your photography as you can go on your own but, at the same time, know there’s more?

If you do, you’re not alone and that’s the reason Chris and I developed a brand new photographic experience – the Immersive Workshop. Immersive workshops are about taking you on a unique creative journey and getting you to think about photography in an entirely new way. 

In just 5-days, we will expand your photographic vision, teach you the art of photographic storytelling and show you how to design an image that reveals an intentional narrative. 

It’s fair to say, you’ll be photographically challenged as you’ve never been challenged before and taken far outside your comfort zone, which, of course, is where all the best learning takes place.

If you are up for an adventure, dare to be challenged and are ready to take the next step in your personal photographic evolution then let us show you more – we hope you’ll join us.



1 to 1 Tuition

I also offer one-to-one tuition on all aspects of photography and photographic post-production for photographers of all ages and abilities, including specialist one-to-one training on Adobe Lightroom and on infra-red photography.  Tuition can be specially geared to individual requirements and is available as either 1/2 day or full day sessions anywhere in the UK.

For more information please use the contact form or call me on +44 (0) 7850 666531